The Studio is committed to delivering supreme quality interiors, architecture and products in the spirit of modern and timeless elegance for discerning Clients, in prime locations in Poland and abroad.

We pride ourselves on the quality of proposed solutions and excellent communication with our Clients, which is key to successful collaboration.

Materials are imported from the manufacturers located in every corner of the world and are tailored to the scheme. Furniture and accessories are specially selected for the project to add individual, unique character.

We offer our full commitment and support to the Client at each stage of the design process and realization.

Effective cooperation and mutual trust enhance the quality of the project. We make every endeavour to  guide our Clients through the entire design process to build their trust in all visual, technical and logistic aspects of the project.

Satisfied Client and long-standing cooperation on different projects is our best reward.

Process. Stage 1

Stage 1
- interior survey
- concept design of the functions in several options, which are then developed until fully approved by the Client
- once the functions are approved by the Client, we move on to create a 3D model and project visualization
- visualizations of interior are developed until fully approved by the Investor
- once the concept design and visualizations are approved, we move on to stage 2, which involves technical design of the interior

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Process. Stage 2

Stage 2
- draft layout of the interior including electric and sanitary installations, ventilation and air conditioning systems, central heating, low voltage and alarm installations
- building layout: walls, ceilings, floors, including details
- bathroom layout, including details
- wood- , metal- and stonework etc. layout
- working furniture layout
- layout of design details necessary for interior realization
- preparation of request for proposal for different trades
- defining quantity of materials and layouts for quotation
- preparation of quotation and cost estimate of the investment project
- selection and presentation of 1:1 samples of materials
- preparation of project schedule, including order delivery schedule
- closing all layouts with detailed technical solutions into a single project book

Process. Stage 3

Stage 3
- architect’s supervision
- discussing all drawings with contractors and verifying compliance of works with the design
- technical consultations and technical support for contractors
- support offered to the Client at every stage of the project
- supervision of deliveries, orders and construction works logistics
- fulfilling orders, deliveries
- arranging for a full site clean
- interior stylization, arrangement of furniture and accessories, tapestries and upholstery, commissioning the interior

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